Saturday, January 17, 2009

Never Give Up on Your Dreams


As many of you know, my son Rodrigo, has been trying to get into a Physician Assistant program for nearly two years now. Yesterday he interviewed at UC Davis School of Medicine for their PA program and shortly after the interview, while he was driving home, the school called and offered him a spot! Obviously the interviewers felt the same way Rodrigo did after the interview: that he and their program were a perfect fit!

Needless to say, we are all ecstatic! This was his NUMBER ONE choice of schools, and one of MY two first choices since it's located here in northern California, and that means he and his new bride, Dianna, will be moving up this way, whoohooooo!!!

Here is a look at the Physician Assistant curriculum:

This curriculum consists of 112.5 quarter units over eight quarters with courses in:

* Advanced Principles of Primary Health Care
* Behavioral Science
* Ethics
* Family Practice
* Family Theory
* Fundamentals of Primary Health Care (medicine)
* Geriatric Medicine
* Health Assessment
* Health Care of the Western Farmworker
* Pharmacology
* Professional Development
* Clinical Preceptorships
* Clinical Geriatrics
* In-patient Rotation
* Surgery Rotation

Finally, after years of working in the administrative side of the health care profession, Rodrigo will be moving into the hands-on patient care area, and his desire to work with the underserved populations of California is one of the specific situations for which UC Davis' program prepares its students.

Just goes to show: never give up on your dreams.


spencer said...

Congrats Rodrigo!!! (Heather)

Susan said...

This is just the Best news! Hugs for Rodrigo!