Monday, May 31, 2010

God Bless America

And Happy Memorial Day!

20100531_0010 copy 

I made this quilt a few years back.  I love it, and display it year-round. 

Because we’ve just been gone for two weeks, Mike and I had no desire to go anywhere this weekend.  So, instead, we spent the three day weekend watching movies - “John Adams,” “Ben-Hur,” and “Napolean Dynamite”- cooking up all the delicious produce we got at the Vallejo Farmer’s Market on Saturday, reading, surfing the net, and gardening.

Speaking of gardening, here’s an update on my little Square Foot Gardens.  Eensy broccoli heads are forming:20100531_0002 copy

The Swiss Chard is ready to eat!  As is the kale and a head of red lettuce:

20100531_0004 copy

And the corn is really starting to shoot up:

20100531_0005 copy

I also did some baking today.  The weather has cooled a bit from the heat of yesterday which just made me want to bake.  I found a big can of pumpkin in the pantry so, even though it’s summer and not fall, I chose to make a couple of decidedly fall-like treats: pumpkin bread (with cranberries) and pumpkin pie (sans crust because crust is just too much trouble and Mike doesn’t care if there’s a crust or not).

Here’s the bread, just about done:

20100531_0008 copy

Oh, and even though I’m vegan now, I used some of these today:

20100531_0009 copySometimes you just gotta have a treat.

Hope your weekend was a much fun as mine!

Sky High – Memories of Me Monday

TODAY’S MEMORY JOGGER “What is the most exciting place you have ever been?  What made it exciting?”

The Empire State Building!  My family visited there while on a cross-country motor-home trip in 1972.  I was 15.  This is a great photo for those of you who have never seen (or don’t remember) me with long hair!1972-08 Debbie top of Empire State Bldg 15 YO-enhanced

It was pretty exciting being that high above New York City.

Unfortunately for my two little sisters, Denise and Lisa, my mom wouldn’t let them anywhere near the “edge!”  She was too afraid they’d somehow fall.

But the rest of us sure enjoyed the view!

FOR NEXT WEEK:  “Where were you and what were you doing the day the first man landed on the moon?”

Monday, May 10, 2010

Memories of Me Monday is on Vacation

Heading off to the Grand Canyon for 12 days of rafting the Colorado River, and making some brand-new memories!

Memories of Me Mondays will resume when we return at the end of May.

Meanwhile, how about sharing some of YOUR childhood stories??

Monday, May 3, 2010

Groovy, Man! Memories of Me Monday

TODAY’S MEMORY JOGGER:  “Describe a favorite outfit.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  My mom will know the answer to this before I even write it. 

The Pants!

My parents and siblings remember The Pants that I got when I was around 12 or so and wore, and wore, and wore, and wore!

I LOVED them.

Here they are:

1969-05 Debbie 12 Years Old Mem Day Enhanced Copy

Have you EVER seen a pair of pants as groovy as these??  No Way!  Bright and bold colors (even back then I was very patriotic), a totally happening & MOD design and, natch (‘cuz this was the 60’s), Bell-Bottoms!

Memorial Day 1969-auto-enhanced-300-x-300

I’m pretty sure these first three photos are all from the same day, a family picnic on  a holiday like the 4th of July, or Memorial Day, but believe me when I say that I wore those pants every chance I got.  And always with that white polo shirt, bobby sox and my Ked’s tennies. 

In the above photo, left to right, are the five of us: Denise, Mike, Steve, Lisa, and me in the back.  Below: me, Mike with Denise, and Steve sprawled on the ground.


Here’s a photo of a trip to the beach (is that a flour sifter in my hand?) and I’m wearing The Pants.  Of course!


In my defense with regard to how often I wore The Pants, take another look at the photos; Denise is wearing the same outfit so it seems she had a favorite, too, with or without the sailor hat!  However, my pants were FAR groovier!

I’m tellin’ ya, they were so boss, they’d probably still be in style today. 

I totally wish I still had them.

FOR NEXT WEEK: 2 “What is the most exciting place you have ever been?  What made it exciting?”