Friday, January 2, 2009

Finished Ragged Quilt - Baby Girl

Love the way it turned out. Pinks and purples; one of my fave combos for baby girl quilts. This one will have to be named Kalleigh's Quilt, since it's for my niece's baby girl, Kalleigh. Here's the back:
Aren't stripes fun? These quilts are so much fun to make and, as I mentioned yesterday, FAST. You can easily whip one up for a baby shower even if you have just a couple of days notice (well, ok, unless you have to mail it). This one's actually way late; Kalleigh was born several months ago, but in my defense she was 6 or so weeks early and then I had the Christmas rush of projects for my digital scrapbooking business to handle, so the quilt-making got put off. However, I think baby Kalleigh will still enjoy it!

Just for fun, and so you can see how a variety of fabrics create different looks, here are a couple other ragged quilts I have made in the past:
Ryan's Quilt; his nursery is all decorated in safari theme so monkeys, giraffes, elephants and lions were the order of the day. The back, if I remember right, was done in the animal print.

Leah's Quilt. Another sweet baby girl; I thought she should have stars, moons, clouds, and pink gingham to encourage peaceful naps. I used the pink gingham for the back because I have a huge attachment to gingham, of any color.

One last baby quilt made in the past 2 years is Blake's Quilt:As far as I can tell, this is the only photo I have of it! Taken at Seana's baby shower, just after she opened it. It's not a flannel ragged quilt, like the others, but an actual pieced quilt with cotton fabrics, using a very easy pattern, an 8-patch block (and I can't even remember what it's called), combined with large squares, then I added borders and tied it with embroidery floss.

Are you a quilter? I'd love to see your quilts, send me a link or photo!


Jessica said...

Looks like I need to pop out a baby so I'm not the only neice without one of your quilts! They are all beautiful!

spencer said...

The back of Ryan's is the animal print. The quilt looks great, but I am not looking quite so hot in the picture you have! Ry loves his quilt! (Heather)