Friday, January 9, 2009

Digital Layout - Hiking at Skyline Wilderness Park

I recently posted about our hike at Skyline Wilderness Park in Napa, CA. Can you believe it, I actually got a layout made from the day, LOL! Well, I had some help. There's a template challenge going on at K-JOI and I love templates so here's my finished layout:
(template by K-JOI Studios / paper & elements by Club Scrap)

I love templates because I can use one to create a great layout very quickly. One of the hardest things about scrapbooking, whether traditional (paper) or digital, is designing a balanced and aesthetically pleasing layout. That's why page templates are such a great time-saver; someone else has already figured all that out for you!

One of the things I'm doing in my little biz this year is creating a lot of page templates to sell and/or give away as freebies. Keep your eye on my Webajeb blog for more info, and grab the templates (and other cool stuff, too) as they are posted!

In the mail today was a cross-stitch kit by Bucilla that I ordered (just what I need, yet another project). I'm excited, though, because this is one I've wanted to stitch up for a long time, have been on the lookout for the pattern and finally found it on the internet.
It's called Max's Moon and I think it's soooo cute! As soon as I finish the hummingbird I'm working on (soon!) I'll be starting on this one.

What are you working on?


Anonymous said...

What a great LO. You are so adorable. :)

Susan said...

Great hike--eight miles!!! Yikes. It looks just beautiful. I may have chickened out seeing all those signs, though! To think I hiked all the time in the hills around my house growing up, and there were no signs--but still all those same wild animals! Your LO turned out so cute. I love how you take photos of feet, and in this case, boots! Hilarious! And the desk mates--how cute are they? And smart, too. Your new cross stitch project will be adorable. Can't wait to see that up in your house--maybe by summer? hehe! How's the poison oak coming along? Are you scarred for life?