Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Orange Tabby Cat and the Mockingbird

Cat people will understand this cross-stitch picture. I love how the mockingbird is pulling out tufts of the cat's fur to build his nest!

We have lots of mockingbirds in northern California, and they do NOT like cats! Our Burmese cat, Tony, used to get dive-bombed constantly by the mockingbirds that frequented our yard. He would simply continue strolling across the yard, he was too high-and-mighty to even acknowledge them. More recently, this summer I saw "our" mockingbirds perched on the cat fencing scolding Jack and Scout(our orange tabbie sibs) as they rolled in the warm dirt, or chased bugs. The cats ignore the birds. It's an interesting "relationship," to say the least!

Since we have both mockingbirds and cats, this cross-stitch pattern was one I wanted to stitch, and I had a great time stitching it. A lot of the work was done during last year's sailing trip with the Baja Ha-Ha. So it has double the meaning to me, and I'll remember all of these things every time I look at it: Baja Ha-Ha, sailing with Mike, Mexico, Tony, Jack, Scout, and our lovely and entertaining mockingbirds.

The needlework was framed by Lowell and Carol of Benicia Frame. I trust them with ALL my special framing needs, and have done so for over a decade. Their work is exquisite, thoughtful, and always looks gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

I love it too, Debbie. Looks great. See you soon! Love, Mom

Mary Bradley said...

Very beautiful piece! Loved your Time Flies post. We ditched our watches years ago and we get along just fine ;-)
thank you for your insights,