Friday, October 17, 2008

50 Amazing Movie Facts

A link for you movie buffs: 50 Amazing Movie Facts, written by my son, Michael!! He's a regular contributor to Hollywire and writes the New DVD Release reviews, movie reviews, and other pieces related to movies, actors, and Hollywood. He also wrote a great piece about the late Paul Newman, which became one of the Top Ten Hollywire articles for September 2008.

Pretty good for a little hayseed from the backwoods of Virginia, hey?

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Anonymous said...

hey debbie,

first of all, oh my gosh michael is so cute in that picture and he is so cool for being a hollywood movie reviewer!

and now...

i can respect that you have your own opinions and i have held back from saying anything before but...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT CREEPY HUGE VOTE YES ON PROP 8 THINGY ON YOUR BLOG??? are you serious?

couldn't you refrain just a little tiny bit out of respect for some of your devoted blog readers such as...YOUR BIG GAY SISTER?

woulda been nice.

i still love you,