Thursday, October 23, 2008

Left Behind

No, this post isn't about the book series, or getting held back a grade in school, but about being the only one in this photo who didn't set sail this morning. Wahhhhhhh!

I drove Mike to the marina where he met Michael (hat) and Leo (no hat). They were all so excited. Like a bunch of boys setting off on an adventure. Well, and they are! They are going to have such a good time. I wished I could go. I was sad to leave and come home alone. But I'm happy that Mike is going; he's really the avid sailor. I can't think of anything about sailing that he doesn't like. Ok, maybe repairing an oil leak in the middle of the night while being tossed about on the waves and breathing gas and oil fumes isn't high on his list of Fun Things to Do on Summer Vacation, but I betcha he still prefers that to any repair work on land!

Meanwhile, I'm making a long list of all the stuff I need to get accomplished between now and Christmas and, from the length of it, I don't think I'll be bored. Not the least item is the trim on the house that still isn't painted. I hope to get all of the trim on the front of the house done for that all-important curb appeal (or at least most of it - not sure I should be climbing up on the roof to reach the highest peak when no one else is home). Besides, I LOVE the new colors and can't wait to have the house-painting completed. It's so pretty! Fresh and shiny like a new penny.

Today I'm working with a professional graphic designer, Darcy at Graphically Designing, to do a makeover on my Webajeb blog. It will probably be done in the next few days. Can't wait to unveil the New Look. It's going to put Debz Talkin' to shame. I'll just have to do a makeover here as well but I'll be doing that one myself.

Better put that on the To-Do List!


Kristen said...

If you're lonely, you can always hop a plane and come to's SUMMER HERE (and it has finally stopped raining)!


Anonymous said...

ooh i live closer!! you can come visit me! i will definitely visit you! being home alone is sad but isn't the alone time also just wonderful?


Jennifer said...

But you can come to Thankgiving! And you know you can come out to visit us anytime you like. I have a tiny new orange kitten, still on formula. *waves kitten temptation temptingly*

Deborah W said...

Now this is why I love my sisters and nieces -- three invites and Mike hasn't even been gone 24 hours yet!

Anonymous said...

Well, don't forget your mom and dad. You know you can always come here too, and we live close to Rodrigo and Diana! That should seal the deal. Don't get too lonely. Love, Mom