Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rodrigo and Dianna's Wedding - June 14, 2008

Here are just a few snapshots from Rodrigo and Dianna's wedding, taken by myself, Michael, and Rodrigo. Dianna, on the steps of Santa Clara Church in Oxnard, California, simply gorgeous in her exquisite gown, veil, and bouquet. Isn't she breathtaking?!?After the ceremony, the bride and groom with their parents. From left to right: Terry Oliver, John Oliver, Dianna, Rodrigo, me, Rodrigo DeZubiria (Sr.). [Although Rodrigo (Sr.) and I are divorced and we have both remarried, we are all good friends, which makes it possible for us all to attend the wedding, participate in the ceremony, and have photos taken together.]Rodrigo and Dianna, Maya DeZubiria, their flowergirl, and Adam Parker, their ringbearer. Maya and Adam both performed like pros, walking up the aisle together, making their little bows at the alter, then turning and quietly walking to their seats. No one could have done a better job!Dianna and her bridesmaids, and her matron-of-honor, Jeanette (to Dianna's left). I don't know all the names of the bridesmaids but I will find out since I'll need that info for when I create the wedding album. They all looked simply stunning.
Those feet sticking out from the circle of ladies belong to Jeff Fassett of Fassett Photography. I can't wait to see the results of this particular maneuver! Jeff specializes in digital wedding photography, and he produces awesome pictures. Rodrigo, Dianna, and I met Jeff at a Wedding Expo in Camarillo and immediately liked his style, both creative and personal. He even created a slideshow to present at the reception that included baby and childhood photos of Dianna and Rodrigo AND photos from their wedding ceremony which had taken place just a few hours prevous. That was a huge hit among the guests!Rodrigo and his groomsmen, including his Best Man (his brother, Michael), and his ringbearer. I know the names of most of these guys, but a few I am not sure of so I will wait and list them all in a future post. Aren't they a handsome group?? My parents, Mike and Jeri Hansen, with Dianna and Rodrigo. We are very happy to have Dianna join our family, as well as her parents, Terry and John, her brothers, John Paul and Frankie, and her extended family, too. We met many of our new family members at the wedding and reception and are going to enjoy getting to know them all. Dianna even has an orange tabby cat. I knew I liked that girl!
Rodrigo and his dad, brother, and sisters Emma and Maya. Emma was a junior bridesmaid and also had the honor of performing one of the readings during the wedding ceremony. She did a great job, every word clear as a bell, and she didn't seem nervous at all. She has grown up so much in the last year - quite the young lady now!

There are lots more photos to come, and better ones than these, since they will have been taken by Jeff. I am anxious to see the ones taken during the ceremony, inside that beautiful church. So keep an eye out for more updates SOON.

I do apologize for making everyone wait so long for these first photos. Since our return home (very late) Sunday evening, Michael and I have spent most of our time sleeping! I was totally exhausted from a trip to China and then the wedding, and Michael, as most of you know, just arrived from China on the 11th, and was still suffering from jetlag when he was plunged headlong into last-minute wedding preparations. It's only today, Wed'day, that we are feeling rested. Poor Mike had to go straight back to work on Monday. Can't figure out how he managed to do that - I sure couldn't have.

Now Rodrigo and Dianna are on their honeymoon -- two weeks in Costa Rica. Congratulations, and have a wonderful time!

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