Thursday, June 12, 2008

"The Real Measure of a Day's Heat . . .

. . . is the length of a sleeping cat." Charles J. Brady.

Or, the length of a half-sleeping cat. Jack finds the coolest spot in the house, the kitchen floor, for his afternoon nap. Outside in the cat's garden Scout, who spends much of her waking hours hunting small rodents and reptiles, has her eyes and thoughts on something high in the tree.
Ah hah! A small rodent it is. This squirrel was up very high in the branches where he obviously felt safe enough to just settle down and wait out the threat. He doesn't realize that we have wrapped the trunk of this tree with sheet metal.

Scout couldn't have climbed it if she'd wanted to. It also helps discourage raccoons from coming into the garden and then through the cat door into our house where they eat every speck of cat food they can find and track water and mud all through the kitchen and dining room.

Of course, that doesn't keep Jack from climbing the arbor! This is about as high as he can go, though, before he is stopped by mesh nailed on the top crosspieces. He's always searching for a way out of the garden so he can go off on one of "Jack's Big Adventures" outside the confines of the Purr...fect Cat Fencing.

In spite of their instincts to hunt and roam, Scout and Jack do manage to content themselves with a quieter (and safer!) life in their small corner of the world.


Library Mary said...

Deborah....Happy National Rose Month to you too!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and YES we do have a lot in common. One of which is NOT that I have someone getting married this weekend! Have a great time - hope wherever you are that the weather is superb and that everything goes as smooth as silk. Congratulations and have a great time.

Would love to continue correspondence when you have the free time.....share the love of the books and the scrapbooking etc.

Take care,

Terry & Jonesy said...

Love the pics of Jack & Scout! Thanks for letting me have a peek into your kitty's lives today. I sure miss my Niki Wiki - he lived to the ripe old age of 19 and died just as we bought the boat. Hence the boat's official registered name - Niki Wiki.
Terry - sailingknitter