Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Toy Story Birthday

Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0059-cropped Last Saturday was my great-nephew, Ryan’s, second birthday.  His mom, Heather, threw him a “Toy Story” themed party.  The cake was awesome, and Heather made it herself.  Here is a close-up of it (before the candles were added).  How cute are Buzz Lightyear and Woody laying on the pillows??

Apparently, Ryan was totally primed for some gift-unwrapping action that day because when my mom and dad and I got there we were the first guests to arrive and when we put down the gifts we’d brought, Ryan ran right over and began to tear into them!  Ha ha!!  We decided to let him open one (mine) and it turned out really cool because I got to see him open it and even get a few photos before the house filled with people, kids, confusion and dozens of brightly-wrapped gifts.Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0006

Great-grandma Hansen helping Ryan get the truck out of the box:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0009

A little help from great-grandpa to figure out where all the pieces go: Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0013-cropped

Heather had a nachos bar; popular with both adults and kids:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0029-cropped

There were cupcakes in addition to the Toy Story cake:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0020 copy Sucker treats as a party favor for the kiddies:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0021 copyAND, a full beverage “bar!”Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0022 copy Mother Nature didn’t cooperate and the party, which was planned to be held in the backyard had to be moved indoors.  Still, the kids had fun with face-painting in the bedroom, clay at the child-size picnic table, Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0056 copy a fabric tube to crawl through:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0033-enhancedand lots of riding toys.  It was bumper-car heaven {except for the adults whose toes were at great risk}!Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0036

Ryan got lots of gifts:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0063 Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0065

and lots of attention from some of his favorite people . . .

Grandma and great-Grandma Hansen:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0071 copy

Auntie Megan and Great-Grandma Hansen:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0024 copy

Great-auntie Debbie, and Great-Grandpa Hansen:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0027 copy

Auntie KiKi:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0066 copy

Auntie Jessica:Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0062 copy 

And a whole houseful of other family and friends!Ryan's 2nd Birthday_0046 

Everyone had a great time.  Well done, Heather!  {Um, your grandma and I were wondering, though, how are you gonna top that next year??? LOL!}

Happy Birthday, Ryan!


Heather and Spencer said...

After the rain this year...I am thinking there wont be a next year!!! It will be at least a couple years before he gets another party...maybe until we get a bigger house so the back up plan will be less crowded! Gotta love March birthdays! Glad you enjoyed it though!

Elizabeth Peterson said...

I love your family!! oh wait, they are my family too! :0) it was so fun to see familiar yet not so familar faces. Glad you could go it looked like fun. Good for Heather for being so cool about the rain and everything being inside. I would have freaked. Oh and her cake looked AMAZING!!