Friday, March 26, 2010

Smitten with Kittens

The foster kittens are growing fast.  These photos were taken last Thursday and I can see a huge difference between the way the kittens look then, and they way they look now, just over a week later.
IMG_2282One of the most noticeable things is their ears.  When they are born, kittens’ ears are folded forward, and flat against their heads.  The ears gradually stand up more and more.  In these pictures the ears are about halfway up.  This morning I noticed the ears are all now straight up!  (I’ll post more recent photos very soon so you can see the difference!)
IMG_2241They are also walking around a lot more, and a lot less shakily.  Sometimes I see two or three in a very unsteady wrestling match.  It’s pretty funny.  They haven’t started chasing things, like a ball or piece of string, but I expect it won’t be long.
Yesterday Mike and I moved them into a large mesh-style cage loaned to me by a friend.  They have a lot more room in there and, when they aren’t napping, will be able to watch what’s going on around them.
They absolutely charm everyone who sees them.  My friend, Susan, brought her daughter, Jenny, and granddaughter, Maggie, to see the kittens.  Maggie was especially enchanted!
She was very gentle when we let her touch the kitties, almost like she was in total awe of them.
IMG_2246 Kitty, kitty!
IMG_2253 They are nursing very well now, even the brown-striped kitten (center of photo, above), who was the slowest to catch on.  Kinda strange since she’s always been the biggest of the bunch and the very smallest kitten, the little calico, was the first to catch on to the bottle.
IMG_2277 Ozzie
IMG_2269 Isabel
IMG_2270 Mindy
Of course, they are still spending most of their time SLEEPING!
{Thanks to Susan & Jenny for these great photos!}


Seana said...

Aw. The last picture of the orange kitty is the best! Soo cute.

Jeri said...

Those kittens are so cute, and you are in big trouble, especially since you are giving them names! Watch out, or you will have 7 cats very soon! I loved the pictures of Susan's granddaughter too. She darling. Love, Mom

Judy said...

Those little kitties are adorable! I love the expressions on Maggie's face, too. Great pictures. I agree with Jeri - watch out! I see a 7-kitty household in your future ... hahahaha! :-)