Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Your Life in Balance?


Orphaned kittens, five of them around 2-3 weeks of age, are consuming my life right now.

Interestingly, it reminds me of having  a newborn in the house.

It’s very similar; there’s the mixing of formula four to five times a day, the bottle feedings (including the 3 a.m. shift), “diaper” detail, endless loads of laundry (towels and blankets used as bedding and for keeping the kittens clean), the snuggling, the kissing of sweet little heads, the not being able to plan any significant time away from the house, and the working all my other activities around the little ones’ schedule.

And completely postponing some of my other, less important activities.

It has occurred to me that the balanced life I’ve worked so hard to create for myself has, well, slipped out of balance.

But I’m ok with that.

In looking back over the years of my life I’ve realized that a “balanced life” doesn’t mean that every day is balanced; instead it means that over the course of my lifetime the overall net result is balance between time spent doing what we must, and time spent doing what we want

Perhaps that’s why we talk about working to achieve a balanced LIFE instead of a balanced DAY.

In a few weeks I’ll re-devote many of my days to job-hunting.  I’ll also spend some entire days just creating digital scrapbook products and layouts, gardening, or trying new vegan recipes.

But for right now, I’m all about kittens.

~ Deb


Jeri said...

Hi Debbie, That's a very cute picture. Brings back memories, but I'm glad it is you and not me! Thanks for sharing. Love you, Mom

Judy said...

oh girlfriend what an adorable little dude. And what lucky kitties they are to have you as their foster-mamma. Makes this dog-person (me) want to have my own kitty (almost) ...