Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ya Gotta Click the Links

I was reading my niece, Heather's, blog yesterday and when I was done ooh-ing and ah-ing over baby Ryan's latest photos I did something I don't often do. I checked out the blogs she has listed and, whoa, I found two of her sisters now have blogs, and no one told me!

Thanks a lot, you Marshall girls, for creating blogs and not telling me! And even worse, one of them, JESSICA, has been reading MY blog but she's never told me she reads it, and she's never left me a comment either. She's sneaking around reading my blog! Makes me wonder how many other people are doing the same. It's creepy! So, listen up, people; leave me a comment when you visit! Or don't. I know, lurkers are people, too.

So now I've put links to their blogs on this one. Jessica's is First of Four (I assume because she's the first of the four Marshall girls). And Kirsten's is Just Me Kirsten.

That leaves just Megan as the lone Marshall sister without a blog. At least I don't think she has one. Wait, I better go click the rest of the links on Heather's blog, and oh, yeah, the ones that Jessica has, and Kirsten, if she has any....

This is how I spend so much time reading blogs. It's truly addicting.


Heather and Spencer said...

It is addicting...I spend my days sleeping, changing diapers and "blog stalking." I guess I never told you about my sisters blogs because I rarely look at them...sorry. Oh, and no Megan does not have one! SHe is boring I guess.

Jessica said...

A "lurker"???? Really? Honestly! I sent out an email to all my friends and family when I got my blog over a month ago. I'm certain you were on that list. =)

Jessica said...

AND What is this "I guess I never told you about my sisters blogs because I rarely look at them...sorry." crap from Heather??? I am VERY offended! I check hers daily, religiously! (mostly to see if there are new pictures of Ryan) but still!