Monday, July 14, 2008

Baby's Got New Shoes

I'm on Day Six of my 25 days of continuous attendance at Jazzercise! During the last six days it has become painfully clear (and I mean that literally) that I need new shoes. My back is killin' me! I work hard in class. I do a lot of jumping, jogging, lunging, marching, skipping, and just all-around steppin' to the music while pumping my arms, keeping my abs tight, and using my core muscles to avoid straining my back or neck. In spite of all my efforts to do the moves correctly, I'm still having low-back pain.

It's gotta be the shoes. Improper fitting shoes, broken down shoes, the wrong shoes for the sport, all these things can cause problems in the back, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

I've been way overdue for buying new shoes, and exercising every day has really brought the issue to the forefront. I don't like shopping; in spite of being female, somehow I was born totally lacking the shopping gene. Finally, after suffering with the onset of backpain for the past few days, I got myself in gear and went out to buy shoes. For years I've been partial (and very loyal) to the New Balance brand of shoes. Being picky like that makes it harder to find just the right shoes, which is another reason why I kept putting it off. I simply do not enjoy the hunt! But I got lucky and, yesterday, found them at the only second store I went to. And they were on sale!

So, when I go to the 6 p.m. class today I should be all set to come home withOUT an aching back.

I'll have blisters instead.

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Mary Bradley said...

I applaud your tenacity...truly. Shoes definitely play the biggest part and I love New Balance myself. I've always been lucky to find them at a Nordstrom's Rack at a great price and will buy 2 if they have them. BTW you look great and who can pass up fair food? We are around a ton of festivals and food markets here. Yes, despite the 3+ mile walk everyday with the pants are tightening up. You'll have to take me to your jazzercise class so I can sign up while I'm there. The kitties won't be getting me out for loooong walks! ;-) Looking forward to seeing all of you.