Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy Days in Northern California

We need it but, due to being solar-powered, I'm suffering a bit personally. It pretty much started last Tuesday when Rodrigo and I were in Palo Alto, at Stanford University. That's him, all dressed up for his interview for Stanford's Physician Assistant program. I went with him so that I could drop him at SFO on my way back home (after he bought me a late lunch at the Chipotle Mexican Grill - YUM).

Once I'd dropped him off I began the trek home, through San Francisco and unfortunately right in the middle of the commuter traffic. I was stuck in bumper-to-bumber all the way through the city so, to amuse myself, I took some photos out my window. Neighboring motorists probably thought I was a nut-case but who cares, I'll never see any of them again. :-)
Here's a view of the "lovely" traffic across all the many interchanges and overpasses.

A view of the crowded financial district. You can see what a gray, rainy day it was.

Here's a familiar sight to anyone who drives I-80/I-101 pass through San Francisco. Not sure what this old building is called, or what businesses are in there, but I love the look of it, and the clock in the tower, too. The brief clearing of the sky looked very pretty.

I hate driving on the lower deck of the Bay Bridge! It's creepy, especially after part of it collapsed during the 1989 earthquake (we were living in nearby San Jose at that time). So much heavy concrete and steel over my head terrorizes me still.

Here's a bridge I like a lot better; the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge; it carries only northbound traffic (plus a bike lane). Beyond it is the aging Carquinez Bridge for southbound traffic - not as pretty, and to be replaced someday as it's not quite up to par to withstand a major earthquake. (How did I get on this earthquake theme?)

So today the weather is the same, maybe worse because there's more rain and it's heavier. It's good for easing our drought conditions but it won't be enough. It seems we are always in a drought, every year, no matter how much or how little rain we get. Plus, when there's day after day of gray and gloomy I get gray and gloomy! My productivity and my creativity really suffer. I just want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a book or movie, and two cats. Still, I AM trying to get a few things done.

I am totally up-to-date with all the blogs I read (as long as I don't hit the refresh button)! I hope to post to both my blogs today. Then I need to make some progress on the digital scrapbooking kit I have been designing; that is going very slowly. Kinda tough to work on a kit with Spring as its theme when it's cold and wet outside. I could really use just a tad of sunshine today, please.

On other subjects, the Oscars are nearly upon us. I don't always watch but I do like to know which movies won which awards. It's also fun to see which movie reviewer's predictions for the awards are closest. My favorite movie reviewer (Michael!) has just posted his picks and you can read the article here. It includes a contest so you can see how well YOU rate this year's movies.

In my blog reading I came across a very interesting article here. Seems those little conversation hearts we buy every Valentine's Day for the kids? Each year the sayings on the hearts CHANGE! I was astounded. Who'da thought? I can't remember the last time I even bothered to look at the sayings printed on the candy. Apparently, every year they are different, an entirely different theme each year even so, guess what? You can tell if someone has slipped you a bag of last year's hearts, ha ha! Check out the different year's themes and sayings, they're great. I'm really sad I missed 2007's pet theme, in particular, and 1998 was way cool with high-tech sentiments.

And now, the bright side to all the rain?

The flowers in my garden are sure enjoying it!


Mary Bradley said...

Beautiful pic of the daisy with the rain on it. What color! You should go back through your blogs and look at the pics you took when the weather was so gorgeous...maybe that will cheer you up! Rain is good, rain is good...it makes for a spectacular spring. Thanks again for the reference. Now we are looking to fill up June and July and hopefully, in So Cal.

Susan said...

Only you would take photos on the freeway! hahaha! Love the daisy pic! You'll have a few days of sunshine coming up now before it rains again--enjoy!

Queenly Things said...

Isn't that (or wasn't it) the police station there by the bridge? And here you were right across the street from me at Stanford - next time!!