Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monterey Bay and Pacific Grove

The scene just five minutes walk from our Asilomar Conference Center workroom last weekend. Totally worth breaking away from the marathon sessions of digital scrapbooking, don't you think?

I managed to squeeze in two bike rides during the 4-day stay. Here are some of the photos I took:
The Point Pinos Lighthouse

Near the lighthouse, a mama deer and her fawn

A majestic buck in someone's front yard, just across Sunset Drive from the beach.

The bike path heading toward Monterey Bay (from Pacific Grove)

The beach at Lover's Point in Monterey Bay

Check out that crystal clear water!

Surrey cycles for Rent

I ran across these guys on Cannery Row. Right out of a John Steinbeck novel!

The weather, as you can see, was exquisite, especially for January which is normally a rainy month. Of course, we may pay for that nice weather, and very soon. Having had the tiniest fraction of the normal rainfall so far this year, we here in Cali are facing a serious water shortage. This may be the year we let our back lawn die. I hope not, but things don't look too good.

So, if you know one, could you please do a rain dance for us?


Mary Bradley said...

Ooooh the beach! So near (yet far) and dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. What a great time it must have been. I think so rain maybe coming your way!

Jennifer said...

I recognize that area - I rode my horse down to the beach once, from the showgrounds in Pebble Beach. I love it there because it's COLD in the summer!

It's raining here right now, which is simultaneously good and a major bummer, because I don't like riding in the rain. We need it though, so I'll bear it...if I have to...

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