Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Merry Rainy Christmas

We're having a wet (and very cold) Christmas week here in northern Cali. Jack's ready for the rain with his pink brolly. Our heater is running all day and at night we (and the tabbies) burrow under the electric blanket. The more delicate outdoor plants and trees in our yard are wearing their plastic capes against possible freezing temps during the nights.

I'm staying inside as much as possible, doing a little baking, and finishing up some gifts that I've been working on. I can't post photos because the recipients read my blog, but I will do so after Christmas. I'll be pretty much done by tomorrow, including wrapping & mailing (just a few), and personally delivering a few more.

Yesterday I made 4 loaves of cinnamon-swirl bread and wrapped two to give away. Today I found one of the loaves on the floor, with the pretty purple ribbon still wrapped around it, but now with a big jagged hole in the side through the plastic wrap and into the bread.


Dang it, I should have remembered how he loves bread, not to mention chewing through anything in plastic wrap or baggies. Looks like that loaf will be eaten right here at home. It's sure going to be delish for breakfast tomorrow....but NOT for Jack, he's already had his share!

Many of the blogs I follow, like this one, are filled with long lists of things that need to be done by Christmas and just reading them makes me feel very tired. I'm glad I chose to whittle my own list wayyyyy down this year, keeping just the most important ones, and taking the advice to "focus and prioritize" that another blog friend gives in this post.

Have a Merry and Stress-free Christmas!

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