Saturday, September 6, 2008

Not Enough Time, Never Enough Time

My "happy" little bundle of quilting fabrics. The book contains the pattern I'll be following, called "A Piece of Summer."

This is what I want to work on this weekend.

But I have client layouts to finish up. And some things to do around the house and yard. And family to keep company with. And meals to cook. And books to read with a cat in my lap. And some sleeping (including napping). And I'm doing everything way more slowly than usual due to the current heat wave and no A/C in our little house.

Don't get me wrong. I love doing all the above. But it's still hard to be patient and let this quilt-to-be wait its turn. Honestly, I don't know HOW I ever squeezed in a full-time job!

What's awaiting your attention?


Mary Bradley said...

What beautiful colors...can't wait til you can get to it and share the results. It is truly amazing to me where the time goes...I just can't figure it out ;-) Your patio looks great...what fun to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Did you get a departure date yet?

Anonymous said...

That will be an awesome looking quilt. The colors are so vibrant. I have the same life, so much to do (mostly fun) but so little time :)