Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Family that Keyboards Together

A typical evening at our house lately.

I'm at my laptop blurfing (blog surfing) or updating my own blogs:
Mike is at his computer doing something that involves GoogleEarth, math, maps, sailing, or spreadsheets: And Michael, who is here temporarily and on loan from the Luo Yang College of Technology in Luo Yang City, China, is probably writing movie reviews for, and which you can read here (just look for the "Movies" link).
Yep, the boy's got a suntan! He's been working in construction for the past month or so while waiting to return to China (the visa app is in process).

So Mike and I are in the same room, each at our own desks with our computers. Michael is in the next room over. When Michael and I want to talk we send each other instant messages, lol! Oh, and we are often simultaneously chatting online with his brother, Rodrigo, in Southern Cali, and/or his girlfriend, Xiao Riu, in China.

Don't you just love modern technology?


Anonymous said...

Hi debbie, I'm so happy for you that you get to be so close to the boy. I have to clean seana's house to get that close to her.....hahha, p.s. hi michael. love, maureen

Anonymous said...

That is a cute story. It is true. We IM each other from different levels of our house. I do love technology. My daughter just went to college and we talk on Video message, IM Text and Phones. FUN!