Friday, September 19, 2008

Arrr! Eat up yer tomateys, me hearties!

YO HO YO HO, a Pirate's Life for Me!

In honor of International Talk Like a Pirate Day here is a photo of me from a few years back when I dressed up like one for Halloween. I'm ready to pillage and plunder!

It was really fun and at work I won the costume contest for the ladies (even though I was dressed as a man, lol). This was one of my fave costumes in recent years. Mike let me use his "real" ceremonial sword from his time in the Marines, though he calls it his "pig sticker," don't ask me why, we're probably better off not knowing! Arrrrr!

Also, in honor of the day, we ate tomatey-sammies for lunch 'cuz there be tomateys on the vines, matey, and this way there won't be no scurvy on-board THIS pirate ship!

Oops, actually, that was yesterday's sammie in a pita pocket. Today I had my tomateys on sourdough bread with lots of lettuce, and Mike had his on rye bread with saurkraut. Yeah, kinda prissy, and not very pirate-y.

So to make up for that little lapse of culinary judgement, this evening I went digging for buried treasure:

Arrrr!! Found some, too!


Anonymous said...

Very nice writting Debbie. I enjoy reading your blogs. You are so creative! Love you, Mom

Heather and Spencer said...

That is NOT treasure! Gross.

Mary Bradley said...

Very entertaining! Love your sense of humor ;-) You could give Johnny a run for his loot!

Anonymous said...

You were an adorable Pirate and those sammies look sooooo delish! :)