Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cinco de Mayo at Angel Island

A little group of my family members stole away on Monday and went to Angel Island to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. We consisted of Mike and I; my sister Denise, her husband, Dave, and two of her kids, Jenny and Adam; my sister Karen and her friend, Jen; and my cousin Laurel and her two boys, Bryce and Bradley. Above photo, left to right: Mike, Denise, Laurel, Karen (carrying Bradley), and Jen.
Bradley was so good; when our hike quickly became too much for his 2-year-old legs, he allowed us to simply pass him around like a sack of potatoes.
Bryce, 5, spent some of the day on Mike's shoulders. Sorry, Jenny, it looks like your spot has been taken over now that you are too tall for this mode of transportation!

Some of us travelled to Angel Island by sailboat, on the Mirage.
Usually, Mike does most of the driving. This time he had help from Captain Adam, who was at the helm just about the entire way and took his duties very seriously!
Jenny sat in the bowsprit and kept a sharp eye out for submerged navigational hazards.
Others arrived on the ferry from Tiburon. There's Karen, Jen, Laurel, Bradley, and Bryce.
Well, we had to have a pinata! It was Cinco de Mayo, after all! Mike worked the rope and the three boys took turns having a go at it with a big stick. It was an extraordinarily well-constructed pinata but they did finally manage to smash it open. Laurel helping the boys gather up candy. Bradley looks like he's found something he especially likes!

Adam and Bradley gathering up goodies. We had hoped for warmer weather but got a partly-cloudy day with more cold wind than we liked. But at least it made for a good kite-flying activity. In the late afternoon we spent some time aboard the Mirage - mainly to warm up! Bryce enjoyed "sailing" the boat.We were even treated to a little parade of geese; Mom and Papa at the front and rear, and the goslings in the middle. Happy Spring!

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