Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eensy Knitted Sweater

Here is an itty-bitty sweater that I knitted over the last couple of days. I downloaded the free pattern here. I love this lady's craft blog, it is called Wee Wonderfuls and she has some of the most amazing stuff there, including lots of patterns for free or a very reasonable fee. I ordered the pattern to make the Kitty that will wear this little sweater (the pattern also includes a Bear and a Bunny but I'm partial to kitties).

The pattern for the eensy cardigan was easy to follow, even for a novice knitter like me, and then I got to delve into my button collection for the perfect buttons. I added the little heart button just because I thought it would go nicely on the sweater. I may make a few more of these, that's how much fun it was. I have found I really enjoy small projects, that I can complete in just a few days. I like larger projects, too, but the small ones allow more frequent satisfaction at completing an item.

Now that I've got my buttons out I've started putting together combinations of button styles and colors that I like and am going to try my hand at a few bracelets. That will keep me busy until I receive the pattern for the Kitty who already has a sweater to wear!

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