Saturday, April 5, 2008

Drying Clothes with Solar Power

My new apron!

I mentioned in a previous post an apron that my friend's mom had when I was a kid growing up in Redondo Beach, Ca. It had a big pocket to hold clothespins and she wore it when she was hanging clothes on the clothesline in their backyard. I always loved that apron.

Well, now I have one of my own! The Internet is a marvelous thing - I just went on-line and googled "apron pocket clothespins." Up popped an Etsy shop (if you've never been to Etsy and love handmade stuff, it's THE place to buy all things handmade!) and user momomadeit had just what I was looking for, and only $20! See it here. Don't you just love that retro fabric?? Chic is right!

It arrived quickly and beautifully wrapped in bright orange tissue paper (see below) and with several paper items to describe it (I love it's name "Eco Chic Everyday Housewife Apron), and even a recipe for a delicious pound cake, all clipped together with a teensy clothespin. How cute is that!??? This is why I love buying handmade items. People who take the time and care to make things by hand do it for the love of the craft, and when they send their handmade items out into the world it is with love and care and the hope that the recipient will enjoy the item as much as they enjoyed making it.

I hung two loads of clothes out today, and then later brought them in, all the while wearing my new apron and enjoying the convenience of dipping into that roomy pocket for clothespins.



Mary Bradley said...

I love Etsy too! I have a friend that sells fudge sauce made without the evil corn syrup and rum cakes. They just had a big Etsy event in Boise with 20 vendors! She sold all of her product. This is the coolest apron ever...and I must say, looks like you ;-) What a great presentation she did. It's so wonderful being where it's warm enough to hang out laundry in March.

Anonymous said...

I love the apron Debbie. Guess I will have to check out that site and see what is there. Thanks for sharing. Love, Mom