Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Awesome Sky & Sprout Update

Mike and I were on our way to an appointment this morning about 9:30 a.m. when I noticed this incredible sky. I've never seen clouds quite like these before. I pulled over and Mike popped out to take this photo. Kind of looks like a trio of UFOs are on their way to visit us here in Benicia!

Ok, so I promised an update on the sprouts. I've got two trays growing now for successive crops:
The seeds in the bottom tray are about 2 days old and barely beginning to split in preparation for the sprouts to grow.
In the top tray the sprouts are about 5 days old. They're about 2/3 grown and can be eaten at any time now. This is about as big as sprouts got when our boys were young; they usually couldn't wait long enough and would eat them half-grown. The next photo shows the trays from the side, so you can see the difference in the growth of the sprouts in just a couple of days. Amazing, eh? Aren't they pretty?
In the next two days or so the sprouts in that front tray will grow taller than the tray. At that point if there are any left that we haven't eaten I will rinse them, let them dry thoroughly and then put them in the fridge. They'll keep another few days. We seldom manage to get any into the fridge, though!

I love sprouts in salads, and even more on sandwiches. They are so much more flavorful than lettuce with their slightly nutty/sweet taste. My current favorite sandwich is sliced chicken, warmed & lightly salted, on cracked wheat bread very thinly spread with mayo, and about an inch of sprouts. YUM-O!


Anonymous said...

i hope you draw my name at christmas time because i need a sprout grower too!
love, karen

Heather and Spencer said...

Can you send me your email address? I dont have it...Thanks!

JanMary said...

Hi there, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Lovely to meet another designer for hire! Great blog too - I have been having a look around - amazed by that glorious fruit and veg in that shop! i would be reluctant to buy anything as it would ruin their displays..or all come tumbling down!