Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springtime on I-5

Anyone who says California doesn't have distinct seasons just isn't paying attention.

It's Spring in Cali.

And if you've ever driven Interstate-5 between Sacramento and Los Angeles you know it's one of the most boring routes in California. Except right now! The mustard grass is blooming and it has transformed boring into breathtaking. Look at all the fields covered in yellow mustard grass! In just a few short weeks these fields will be brown and dry. Summer follows Spring very quickly in California and the bright green and yellow will be gone as the long summer, and very dry, days arrive. But for now -- enjoy these pictures and, if you need to drive I-5 between Sacramento and L.A. anytime soon, please share any photos you take. An old red barn behind a swath of blooming mustard grass. Mustard grass has nearly overgrown this wire fence; only the fencepost is still visible.Windmills on the Altamont Pass - seen from I-5 looking west.


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