Friday, March 7, 2008

Searching for Mary Perdew

This is a scan of the envelope of a letter I wrote in 1994 to the last-known address of my friend, Mary Perdew. We had lost touch around the mid-80's so I was not surprised, but still disappointed, when the letter came back. I have been looking for her ever since.

I knew Mary when I lived in Hampton, Virginia. She was our across-the-hall neighbor in the apartment complex I lived in with my first husband and our two little boys. Mary's husband and mine were both in the Air Force and stationed at Langley AFB. Mary's husband's name was Robert Perdew, and she has a son also named Robert, who was called Robbie. Robbie was buddies with my son, Rodrigo.

Mary was my best friend in Virgina, and I still miss her. She was only a couple years older than I am so she'd be in her early 50's now. She was originally from Ohio (as you can see from the letter) where she worked for Sears. She and her family moved back to Ohio around 1982 or 83. Maybe she has gone back to work for Sears. She may also have gone back to her maiden name (which I don't know), or remarried, who knows what has happened in the years since I lost contact with her. This makes it even harder to find her.

Every now and then I Google her name, but so far none of the Mary Perdews I've found are the right Mary Perdew. But I keep hoping that someday I'll find a clue that will help me get in touch with her again. Or that perhaps she'll somehow find me -- if she's looking. I hope she is.

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