Monday, May 3, 2010

Groovy, Man! Memories of Me Monday

TODAY’S MEMORY JOGGER:  “Describe a favorite outfit.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  My mom will know the answer to this before I even write it. 

The Pants!

My parents and siblings remember The Pants that I got when I was around 12 or so and wore, and wore, and wore, and wore!

I LOVED them.

Here they are:

1969-05 Debbie 12 Years Old Mem Day Enhanced Copy

Have you EVER seen a pair of pants as groovy as these??  No Way!  Bright and bold colors (even back then I was very patriotic), a totally happening & MOD design and, natch (‘cuz this was the 60’s), Bell-Bottoms!

Memorial Day 1969-auto-enhanced-300-x-300

I’m pretty sure these first three photos are all from the same day, a family picnic on  a holiday like the 4th of July, or Memorial Day, but believe me when I say that I wore those pants every chance I got.  And always with that white polo shirt, bobby sox and my Ked’s tennies. 

In the above photo, left to right, are the five of us: Denise, Mike, Steve, Lisa, and me in the back.  Below: me, Mike with Denise, and Steve sprawled on the ground.


Here’s a photo of a trip to the beach (is that a flour sifter in my hand?) and I’m wearing The Pants.  Of course!


In my defense with regard to how often I wore The Pants, take another look at the photos; Denise is wearing the same outfit so it seems she had a favorite, too, with or without the sailor hat!  However, my pants were FAR groovier!

I’m tellin’ ya, they were so boss, they’d probably still be in style today. 

I totally wish I still had them.

FOR NEXT WEEK: 2 “What is the most exciting place you have ever been?  What made it exciting?”


J. Frankenstein Lutes said...

Those pants ARE totally awesome. The fact that they are bell bottoms makes them so much cooler.

Teri said...

Deb, you must have gotten those pants right after I moved out of the neighborhood! I was sure you were going to say your Mom made them for you. Too bad she didn't, you could get her to make you another pair! the photos of you and your siblings together look just like I remember you all looking when we moved away. I remember having such a crush on Mike! ~
I also remember Denise wearing that sailor hat
Thanks for sharing...those pants ARE boss!

Anonymous said...

Crikey! I sure would have picked those out as your favorite. They are in every picture for a couple of years. I guess you could make yourself another pair, like Teri suggests. My sewing machine is in need of repair, or I would offer to whip you up a pair. Ha Ha. Having fun in Sydney. See you soon. Love, Momcollswork

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Honey Beekeeping said...

Those pants are pretty nice. You can tell you liked them when you even wore them to the beach, instead of shorts. :) Wish I had a pair.

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