Friday, July 17, 2009

UV Sol Beads - AWESOME new product!

Ok, I seldom tout products, but this one you've got to check out.

Beads that, when you wear them, can warn you by their change in color, when you are approaching a dangerous level of UV ray exposure. They're called UV Sol Beads and my guess is they'll be the next HOT fashion accessory! I've already ordered mine, the celtic knot beads, shown here! Oh, and get this: they're only $4.95 and shipping? A mere 74 CENTS! Unbelievable!

I have freckled skin, already have some chronic skin damage due to my over-exposure to the sun as a teen (in the 70's), not to mention a few scary spots on my arms that my doctor is "watching carefully." So this is very exciting to me, especially in the summer, to have a way to monitor my sun exposure.

It's hard to keep track of how much time you've been outside in the sun, and how long is safe. These beads, worn anywhere from a hat brim, wrist, ankle, baby stroller, or wherever, indicate exactly how close you are to the point where you'd better put on a long-sleeved shirt, hat, or just get IN out of the sun.

Can't wait to get mine!

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