Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Benicia Peddler's Fair

The Peddler's Fair in Benicia was packed, as usual, but at least the weather was the coolest (aka nicest) that it's been in the dozen years we've lived here. I always enjoy going to this fair, even though I seldom buy anything! The prices are a bit steep for us; I have to absolutely LOVE something to pay the asking price.Here's an exception. I'd definitely have bought this if I could afford it ($695.00, oy!) because I did LOVE it. It's a full-size bedspread made of white cotton and hand-embroidered entirely in redwork. Beautiful!!! And it was done in 1895, so it's very old, and it's soft and delicate. Oh, would I love to have it, but not at that price. The lady in the booth kindly let me take a photo but she drew the line at letting me unfold it very much. She didn't want it handled any more than necessary. Isn't it gorgeous?
There were tons of fun items to browse, including this collection of matroyshka dolls . . .
. . . spinning wheels . . .. . . old magnifying glasses . . .. . . and colorful dishware.
There was even a booth where we got our blood sugar and blood pressure checked -- free!
We also shopped the yard sales on the side streets and, as in years past, that's where we scored. I have admired these old leaded-glass windows for years and saw some at the Fair but they were just too expensive. At a yard sale on J Street we came across a guy selling three of them. Two had panes of glass missing and I wondered how hard it would be to get them repaired. The third, pictured above, had all its glass (one pane has two cracks), and was just very dusty and dirty. I asked the guy how much he wanted for it and he said "make me an offer."

Well, I'd learned a little about the art of bargaining in China so for my first offer Iwent very low, $5.00. Imagine my surprise when the guy shrugged and accepted it! We took the window and ran with it before he could change his mind!

Once I get it cleaned up it's going to be lovely and a nice addition to Snug Harbor (our home).


Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie, Nice bargain. Where are you going to put it? Hope you are both doing well. Talk with you soon. Love, Mom

Judy said...

Hmmm, I'm behind in reading your posts. LOVE the window pane - it's vintage and will look great in your house. Yeah ... as your mom asked, where are you planning to put it? That quilt was amazing, too.