Sunday, January 13, 2008


What's more fun on a cold January day than a jigsaw puzzle?? Michael decided that having done one at his grandparent's house over the holidays, he needed to go to Target and buy another that he could put together at my house. He picked out one with a Thomas Kincaid picture and 1000 pieces! Now, I used to do a lot of jigsaw puzzles as a kid, but I never did one with that many pieces and it was a challenge! Of course, Michael did 90% of it, but Mike and I did help a little!

Here's the finished puzzle; only Michael would think to try picking it up to display it for a photo! One piece did fall off the edge but was quickly grabbed from the floor before the cats could capture and eat it.

Jack (one of the thwarted cats) decided to show his displeasure in another way:
Actually, I think Jack is showing how much he LIKES jigsaw puzzles!

We had a good time with the puzzle, especially Michael, who I think may have stayed up pretty late a couple of nights. I may have to buy a few more!

My friend, Judy, mentioned awhile back that she does jigsaw puzzles on-line so (and here's the danger of the internet!) I went and googled "on-line jigsaw puzzles." Holy smokes, there's tons of websites offering jigsaw puzzles that you can do on-line! I'm going to try a few out, but I do hate to get caught up in yet another addictive behavior because I'm very prone to them!

I was also talking to my sister, Karen, on the phone today and she mentioned a website that she's currently addicted to called It's for knitters and crocheters and you can upload photos of your needlework projects, keep track of progress on them, share patterns and tips, look at other people's work, etc., etc., etc. I tried to "join" but got put on a waiting list! That's a first. But as soon as I get my "invitation" to join I will be uploading a photo of my now infamous purple and green socks. And then I'll go and look at all the stuff Karen has uploaded. She says you can even post photos of your stash - you know, all that yarn you have stashed away but haven't done anything with yet....!

Judy, you need to check out and try to wean yourself off of those jigsaw puzzles! Or...should I be sending Karen to the jigsaw puzzle sites....????

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