Sunday, October 17, 2010


Not sure we’re quite ready for THIS yet, but it’s something that fascinates me.  Tiny homes!  Tumbleweed Tiny houses, to be precise.  Mike and I toured this one in Sebastopol, CA., last weekend.  It’s even on wheels in case you need to move! 20101009_0118Jay Shafer owns Tumbleweed Tiny homes and this little beauty is his personal residence.  He’s lived in it for about 6 years now.20101009_0120This is the second time I’ve seen this particular little house, but Mike’s first.  He was pretty amazed at the size. 20101009_0119 Two comfy chairs in the living room with an eensy pellet stove in between.  Across from them, on the other side of the room is a built-in desk just big enough for a laptop and writing surface, where Jay does all his work and runs his business.

20101009_0123Every inch of space is used: built-in shelves hold office supplies and kitchenware.


A ladder, which can be tucked away when not needed, is the only way up to the sleeping loft.  Lovely!20101009_0125 The tiny, two-burner stove (probably propane).20101009_0122 The crock hold Jay’s water for cooking & dishwashing.  Gravity-operated ;-)20101009_0129More storage just outside the tiny bathroom which has a shower and a composting-style toilet.   Sorry, no photo. 20101009_0127

For better photos visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s website.  You can also check out all of Jay’s other designs.  My fave is the Epu.  I’m trying to talk Mike into helping me build one of these little beauties in our backyard.

Wouldn’t that be fun?

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