Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tracking Charisma

Tracking-KI6HUI copy

SV Charisma’s “position” in the Pacific Ocean as of 8/17/10
{courtesy of http://www.pangolin.co.nz}

As many of you know my husband is currently at sea.  Literally.  He is crewing onboard the sailing vessel Charisma, owned by our friends, Alan and Kristen. 

We met Alan and Kristen when we participated in the 2007 Baja Ha-Ha, a boat race from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  After the race was over Mike and I turned our sailboat, Mirage, northward, and made our way back home.  Alan and Kristen continued on south.

Now, nearly three years later, they are finally coming home for good.  Can you imagine the places they’ve seen?  Three years cruising and living aboard!  I’d be totally jealous if I thought I could live aboard that long myself, without going crazy, or longing for land, or missing my cats and my garden.  In my imagination I’d love to do it.  But in reality?  Not so sure.

At any rate, I saw on Facebook that Alan and Kristen had arrived in Hawaii, their last stop before making the three-week-or-so blue-water sail from there back home to California (they live in Napa).  And, because Kristen had had enough sailing, thank you, and preferred to fly home rather than make that long overseas crossing, Alan was looking for crew.

Knowing this kind of long crossing is something Mike has always wanted to do, I figured this was his chance, and suggested to him that he “sign on.”  So he did.  He flew to Hawaii and now he’s at sea with Alan and another friend, Scott.

I get brief emails almost every day via a satellite link-up (Alan’s boat has way more fancy gadgets than our Mirage ever did!) plus I can see their position via Pangolin at this link: http://www.pangolin.co.nz/yotreps/tracker.php?ident=ki6hui.  Each of the little “balloons” in the photo is where the boat was when the position was taken and uploaded to Pangolin.  You can also see their latitude and longitude in the larger white balloon, if you are into that kind of thing.

It’s been fun watching their progress!

At the moment their estimated date of arrival is August 24.  That’s earlier than the 28th, which is what Mike was predicting last week. With sailing, you just never know.  A sailor is at the mercy of the wind, waves, and weather (or lack thereof).

Kristen called on Sunday evening and said there would be a party when the guys arrive in Napa, and that she’d keep me posted on what day and time it would happen.

Since it looks like it will be a weekday, I emailed Mike and hinted that it would be really cool if they arrived after 4:30 p.m. so that I could be there (I get off work at 3:30).

His reply: “

”I'll be sure that the skipper waits till 4:30, just for you.”

He’s good like that.


Elizabeth Peterson said...

I cannot imagine being on a boat for three years. That idea kind of makes me really nervous! You are a good wife to be OK with your hubby leaving for that long! Did you get to go to Hawaii with him?

Deborah W said...

No, I didn't get to go to Hawaii - I had to work! That's what happens when you are less than 3 months on the job - not enough vacation time accrued! Ah well, we were in Hawaii last summer so I didn't feel TOO bad :-)