Saturday, February 13, 2010

Always a Good Time When Bryce & Bradley Visit

Cousin Laurel had a lunch date last Friday so I she let me keep her boys for a few hours.  Bryce was at school, so Bradley came over on his own first.  We had pizza for lunch and then Brad made a sock puppet.
When it was time for Bryce to get out of school Brad and I walked over to meet him.  Well, I walked and Brad rode in the stroller!  Brad helped me figure out which gate Bryce would come out of.  When we finally saw Bryce he had on a backpack almost as big as he is!

When we got home Bryce made a sock puppet, too.

They put on a cute puppet show just for me.  Then. . .

they discovered my electronic keyboard!
Brad plays so fast his hands are blurred!  Next, Bryce took over the keyboard and Bradley did the dancing.  Check out the video!  (You need to be my friend on Facebook to view it - due to the security I have set up there - so if  you can't view it, go on Facebook and "friend" me.  It's hilarious so it'll be worth it!
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Told ya!

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