Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back to School Already !

{paper and butterflies by Olga Unger}

I've been working on "Back to School" digital photo (clipping) masks for my lil' biz and, as I'm designing my digital products, I like to use them in a layout. My cousin, Laurel's, 6-year old, Bryce, started school a couple weeks ago, and kindly sent me some photos she had taken.

Her kids are soooo photogenic; I love using their pictures. Just look at that red-headed, blue-eyed boy with the sparkly eyes! If you think he looks both sweet and mischievious, you'd be right ON!

I just know he's going to love first grade and -- how fun is this? His school is right across the street behind our house, so we can look right down on its front lawn. My favorite thing about having school back in session is hearing the kids out on the playground at recess. Boy, does that bring back memories!

Hey, family and friends: got any Back-to-School photos of YOUR kids? I'd love to use them in a layout to showcase my new digital photo masks. Send them to me! I would also need your permission to post them on my blog (I always edit out any identifying info).

Happy Fall!

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