Sunday, April 5, 2009

Suisun City Waterfront - A Walk with Friends

Mike, with our friends, Linda and Allen, from Roseville.

The four of us met in Suisun City for lunch and a stroll around this charming little town; none of us had ever been here before. It was terribly windy, but not too cold and the sun was out in full force so it was actually a pretty nice day. The old building they are standing in front of caught my eye, of course, due to my recent fascination with old buildings, especially falling-down ones. And this one is falling down; check out this next photo:
Funniest part is, the building is for sale! (I had Mike stand directly in front of the For Sale sign so that it wouldn't ruin my picture, ha!) We peeked in the windows and could see that this building used to house a mexican restaurant. My guess is whoever buys it will have to bulldoze it down completely and start over, which is actually kind of a shame.

Here are several photos of the Suisun City waterfront, a nice little area with restaurants, shops, offices and, of course, boats.

That lighthouse is not a real one; we walked over there and found it is more a piece of art, built in the late 1990's and was dedicated on July 4th. I did find a reference on the internet to Suisun City's huge fireworks show each Independence Day; it is supposed to be the biggest in the area. We may have to check that out this summer.

We had lunch at Bab's Delta Diner:
It is 50's style and had a really friendly crew. Our waitress told us Babs is her grandmother, and that several generations of the family still own and work at the restaurant including her mother, Debbie, and her son, who works on weekends. The food was good and the service friendly. I'd definitely eat there again and next time I won't pass up the home-made bluberry cobbler!

While walking around the very interesting residential area we came across this old Dodge that Linda said was just like a car she'd had when she was a lot younger, except hers had been red.

I wish I'd taken more photos of the houses; they all had so much personality. One looked like it used to be a schoolhouse, and it was on School Street, too. I did get this one photo but I was actually more interested in that amazing purple wisteria.
I know we only saw a small part of this little town, since we were on foot. I'd like to go back with our bicycles and really explore the entire area. I read that the It's-It ice cream sandwiches are made here, somewhere, and that the company has recently opened a small retail store next to their factory, where you can buy the sandwiches.

That alone is worth a trip back! Who's up for meeting us there???


Mary Bradley Black said...

What a sweet little town. And that Wisteria...Wow! I find vibrant purple hard to's like it shimmers out of the lines. LOL! I'm up for meeting you for ice cream sandwiches ;-) Hope it's not too long before we come through your neck of the woods.

Queenly Things said...

I can feel a day trip coming on. What a cute place to hang out.

Susan said...

Just the kind of day I like! What fun, Deb! Great photos, too. We'll definitely have to check it out--probably by bike! :)

Garry Rowe said...

Deborah, I am the past president of the Suisun City Historic Waterfront Business Improvement District. I want to thank you for visiting and your wonderful comments.

The Family Cookie Company store (It's It) is opened on Spring St. just off Main. It won't be hard to find since Spring is only a block long!

The old vacant building in your photos is the previous home of La Cabana, voted the best Mexican restaurant in Solano County. It is worth a trip. Ask to meet the owners, Ramses & Blanca Solis. You will not find a nicer family.

Next time you visit, we should have our self-guided Historical Walking tour publish and available. You'll have a chance to learn more about the many historic residential and commercial buildings, and the folks that lived there.

In addition to our Indepence Day spectacular, we host more than 40 other special events at Harbor Plaza, the region's most scenic event venue.

Visit for more info about events, businesses and history.

Thanks again!

Garry Rowe