Friday, March 6, 2009

Plan and Prepare for Your Dreams

And they're off! To Chile, that is!

My sister, Karen, and my Dad have been saving a little money every week for four years; yep, you read that right - four years! They've had a joint savings account and they have always said, as soon as they have enough money they would take a trip together.

It was their dream to do this. And because they planned for it (although they didn't know exactly when) and prepared for it (even though they hadn't decided exactly where they'd go), the day came around when the account was big enough that they decided it was time.

They decided on two weeks in Chile -- including 5 days on Easter Island! -- set the dates, bought their tickets, make reservations for lodgings, and got their passports ready.

This past Monday evening my mom and I drove them to LAX and they were off, their dream had come true.

We've had a couple e-mails so far, that they arrived safely, and are having a wonderful time!

It's a great lesson to the rest of us. If there's something you want to do, start planning for it, even put it on the calendar if you can. Most dreams don't just come true on their own; you have to do your part. Somewhere I read that you should take at least one step every day toward the fulfilling of a dream, or a goal.

Just one step. What are your dreams? Have you started preparing?

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Judy said...

Oh I'm so glad they arrived safely and are having a great time! I've been thinking about them (and you & your mom there in Sunny CA). And I really appreciate this post -- the message of it. Do you think ... maybe ... hmmm ... you figure it's time for us to start re-planning that Disney Cruise we almost took a year ago??????