Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scout's Drinkin' . . .

. . . my milk, that is!

I've been trying, for a long time, to get a video onto Blogger of Scout drinking my milk. I guess they've all been too long because the upload process always failed. Argh! Finally, I decided to make just a short little video and try uploading it.

Success!! Here is Scout, indulging in her usual activity whenever I have a glass of milk:

Yeah, she does what she wants.

But then, that's kinda the tradition with the women in my family!


Anonymous said...

That's very cute Debbie. Looks like you are keeping busy. We had problems at the temple again yesterday and spent 2 hrs. in the parking lot before we could go in. Very disturbing. See you soon. Love, Mom

Mary Bradley said...

Scout is adorable! I'm impressed with your little videos. Maybe you can show me how to do them in a few weeks. How is Mike?

Judy said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHA! That cat ROCKS!!! I love the way Scout doesn't put her foot down while she's still "drinking" - she just delicately sets it ALMOST on the counter. GREAT video.

Jennifer said...

Haha! Scout is SO CUTE!

Opie got a home with Ashley (Did you get to meet her when you dropped him off?), and when he gets bigger he'll go to her place of work (she's a vet technician), to be the vet office's cat. He'll be sooo spoiled. They're calling him Nemo now.