Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bahia de Tortugas

Are we ever glad to be here in Bahia de Tortugas (or Turtle Bay, to us gringos). We left San Diego at 11 a.m. on Monday, October 29th and today is Thursday, November 1st. It was a fantastic sight – nearly 180 boats setting off at once from San Diego Harbor. We were accompanied by a Navy aircraft carrier, and a Navy plane whose pilot radioed to us, “Have fun and good luck!” We have been three days and three nights at sea, under sail constantly in fair to high winds and with large rolling swells hitting us almost directly on our stern, and having had to keep watch continuously. Not a lot of quality sleep! Plus, with the rocking and rolling of the boat I didn’t dare get out my laptop and do any writing. So this will be fairly short today. Rumor has it that there is an internet cafĂ© in Turtle Bay Village, a little town of 1,000 people, so we’re hopeful that I will be able to post today. We have not been to shore yet and are anxious to do so and feel solid ground under our feet!

won’t say too much about the last few days except that it seemed endless! The nights were very dark, the darkest I’ve ever seen, especially Tuesday night when the moon didn’t rise until about 2 a.m. and the seas were like black ink. The stars seemed faint and unusually high above and gave no light. Gave me the heebee-jeebies when I had to be on deck alone! I was always sad when the sun went down, knowing the long night was ahead, and then jubilant when it rose again the next morning, especially when the view was this spectacular (see photo above).

Mike did trail a fishing line behind us much of the time and actually had a few catches. Two Bonito, both of which he deemed too small and released, and a very strange sea creature that didn’t look like it would be good eating at all! We threw that one back, too.

Gotta at least mention the great party we had in San Diego before the race started – a huge barbecue and Halloween costume party. Food and drinks galore, and lots of people dressed up. My favorite costume was a bearded guy wearing a blue bikini. Sonny and Cher were there, too, as well as Jack Skellington (who my male orange tabby is named after), the entire Flintstone gang, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Little Bo Peep, and the Green Army Man from “Toy Story” and, of course, LOTS of pirates, including Jack Sparrow.

We’ve got Enrique coming out in his panga to top off our gas tank then we’ll catch the water-taxi to shore and see what there is to see. We’ve been told there are a couple of restaurants, a hotel, some little shops, and lots of friendly children. There is supposed to be some great hiking along the shore and in cliffs so we’ll get in some exercise, too. Tomorrow there is a big beach party for all the Ha-Ha’er’s, plus the locals will join us, including the children, so it should be really fun. I’ll be sure to take lots of photos to share with you next chance I get.

Take care everyone and we’ll continue to stay in touch as we are able. Be sure to keep an eye on my other blog for info on my latest digital scrapbook layouts!
Our love to our families and friends!!!


Susan said...

Oh, how FUN!!! I'm so jazzed that you're having such a marvelous time. Your photos are out-of-sight! I'm so jealous! I just love the sailboat photo! And the sunrise! And Mike's not-so-good catch! You will have an amazing collection from this trip. The guy in the blue bikini IS funny! I was much relieved to see he had on a body stocking! Good thinking on his part.
I just printed out some 8x10's of our trip for framing, and they look fantastic. You will have to fill a wall with yours!
Keep the great blogs coming! I'm totally enjoying this "trip"! I really miss you, though. How weird it has been not having our frequent emails. We'll have lots to catch up on. Hi to Mikie for me!

Maaike & Bjorn said...

Hi Deborah,
It's fun to follow your adventures on this blog! And to see the great pictures!!!
We've missed you at our ITS Halloween party yesterday...
Take care,

Judy said...

Girlfriend!! I am sooo glad that you set up this blog site before taking off on your grand adventure. I echo Susan's sentiment -- it feels like we're taking this trip with you and Mike, and it's wonderful for you to include us all. I'm enjoying your commentary and the pictures are fabulous. And I have to say that Mike looks very, very happy in the fishing shot. So when do we get a shot of you?

Keep safe and relish every minute ... WHAT an amazing ride, eh?! And now you know that there are lots of us out here who love you, who are taking this ride with you (in a rather pseudo-way). I'm looking forward to hearing what you two have been doing in Mexico. Luv ya!! Judy