Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Taking Time to Watch the Birds

Looks like Mike and I are finally gettin' into the swing of this semi-retirement stuff. Today we actually spent thirty minutes standing at a window watching this woodpecker in our backyard and trying to get a good picture of him. He was all the way against our back fence so he only showed up as a small speck in the photo, but I was able to use PhotoShop to enlarge the portion showing the bird.

We've never seen this particular bird here in Benicia so we looked it up in our Audubon Society Bird Guide and found it's a type of woodpecker called the Northern Flicker. In fact, after this guy was done pecking around on the ground (turns out their favorite food is ants), he flew up into one of our pine trees and hammered away at the trunk in true woodpecker style. I love seeing new birds in our yard. Last month a bright orange oriole came to our hummingbird feeder. Incredible!

I think I'm going to love Life at this slower pace. . .

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